Today, I met a very special girl. I was at the mall with my brother shopping and while we were at the food court, we saw this little girl. Her name is Hana. She is THE ONLY person in California who is diagnosed with Progeria. Just last night we found out about her, and watched her videos all over tumblr & youtube. We approached her at the mall today, and I started talking to her. She was very tiny, and very soft spoken, She was telling my brother and I how she met Selena Gomez and how she made the little bracelet for her. She even gave my mom a kiss on the cheeks. AND YES SHES ALIVE. People started a nasty rumor last night that she has passed away, obviously it is NOT true since we met her 2 hours ago. And ITS spreading. She was with her teacher, and we exchanged emails. She personally asked my brother & I to spread it all over that she is alive and well, so here I am trying helping out. I will post the email her teacher sent me soon.

If you could please reblog and help Hana out, and spread the word that she is alive & well, please reblog this regardless that it wont match your tumblr theme. Lets help her out, and encourage her to stay strong.

she’s so beautiful<3

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